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September 8, 2015 5:27 pm

Tonneau cover for truckOwning a truck often comes with a great deal of pride, but it can be costly when your vehicle’s bed is not fully protected. While there are different schools of thought on how to best protect the most beneficial tool built in to your truck, a cover for truck bed protection is a recommended. Truck bed covers, such as tonneau covers, are a common addition to owners’ truck bed accessories, whether they come in the form of a soft tonneau cover or a hard tonneau cover. Based on the following truck bed cover benefits, purchasing a cover for truck bed protection is a smart investment.


A truck bed cover like a truck tonneau provides the greatest value in protecting items that would otherwise be left out in the open. As a truck owner, using your truck bed as a hauling tool is an important part of ownership. Unfortunately, leaving items in the bed of your truck leaves you vulnerable to theft. Exposed toolboxes, materials, equipment or other valuable items can be taken from the bed of your truck at any time. Accessories such as tonneau covers can eliminate the threat of theft. Many truck tonneau selections even come with locks for added security.

Gas Mileage

Tonneau covers also provide the benefit of enhanced gas mileage for truck owners. Securing a soft or hard tonneau cover to your truck bed provides a more streamline, aerodynamic structure to your vehicle. Truck tonneau covers provide for a reduction in air drag as you drive, effectively increasing your gas mileage. On average, savings from installing truck tonneau covers range from 5 to 10%.

WeatherTonneau Cover on White Truck Protection

One of the biggest concerns for truck owners is the potential for damage caused by the elements. Rain, sleet, snow, wind and hail can all wreak havoc on a truck bed and can cause extensive damage to the bed itself. Tonneau covers prevent these elements from taking a toll on your vehicle or the items in the bed. Additionally, tonneau covers also protect anything you are hauling from the elements as well.

Added Value

Pickup truck bed covers such as a tonneau cover also add value to your vehicle. The benefits listed above help maintain your truck over the long term. Furthermore, these benefits will help sustain resale value throughout the duration of ownership. Similarly, tonneau covers also keep out moisture and rust, reducing the potential for damage to take place on the bed of the truck. Each of these aspects help truck owners retain value in their vehicles.

While a truck tonneau may not appeal to everyone, they can be a smart investment for truck owners. Truck bed covers come in a variety of selections for just about any truck bed, and they can be rolled, folded or bent back to easily access items stored in the bed.

If you are thinking about your need for truck bed accessories or trying to determine which tonneau cover is appropriate for your truck, contact us as TSA Custom Car and Truck today.

July 28, 2015 10:04 pm


For diesel vehicle owners, knowing how to maximize diesel truck performance is a high priority, regardless of how long the vehicle has been on the road. In addition to regular upkeep and maintenance, a diesel engine can benefit from certain additions to help increase overall diesel performance.

Your diesel engine should always be running at its full capacity and providing maximum output. We’ve compiled a list of simple diesel performance products to help boost diesel performance on your vehicle.

Turbocharger and Exhaust Upgrades

One of the most well-known diesel performance products available to truck owners is thZ Seriese diesel turbocharger. While it is popular, most individuals cannot explain exactly what purpose it serves.

A diesel turbocharger forces a greater amount of air into a vehicle’s combustion chamber. This both allows more oxygen to flow and a better regulation of temperature. For diesel truck owners who want more power but are concerned about putting too much stress on the engine, a turbocharger provides much needed balance.
Similarly, an upgrade to a diesel exhaust system is helpful in boosting diesel truck performance. An upgraded diesel exhaust system allows for owners to increase the capacity of horsepower their vehicle is able to produce.

A bigger diesel exhaust provides a safe way to remove excess exhaust system fumes without compromising engine temperature.

Upgraded Diesel Performance Fuel Injectors

In addition to exhaust system and turbocharger upgrades, diesel vehicle owners can utilize specialized fuel injectors made for diesel vehicles.

CX Series GMCAn upgraded diesel fuel injector creates an optimal hole pattern that provides for the most precise fuel spray while on the road. There are wide ranges of diesel fuel injectors that carry a number of benefits. Some trucks can boast an increase in horsepower by 50 or 100 hp simply by adding a diesel fuel injector. Remeber, each vehicle will respond differently to added fuel injectors.

With a diesel fuel injector, it is possible to increase total horsepower with the correct mechanical adjustments.

Diesel Fuel Additives

Another easy way to improve diesel performance is by adding diesel fuel additives. While this small enhancer won’t provide for the same amped up horsepower that a turbocharger or fuel injector will, fuel additives can pack a punch.

Each diesel performance fuel additive works to even out the rate of combustion of the fuel. This creates a smoother driving experience than before. Some fuel additives will provide up to an additional 20 hp for certain vehicles.
If you are wondering how to improve horsepower for your diesel truck, our eMX Series Tacomaxperienced technicians at TSA Custom Car and Truck are here to help.

We can explain which diesel performance products are best for your vehicle, and assist you with understanding how each works from start to finish.

Visit our diesel performance page or contact us at (775) 883-0477 to discuss your horsepower needs today.

September 15, 2014 11:50 pm

Frost on the pumpkin is comin’

We can’t wait for the months ahead. There’s nothing like off-roading in the snowy Sierras looking for some fresh powder. We’ve been busy helping Northern Nevada get ready for it by fixing up rides with aftermarket custom car accessories. But if you’re still trying to figure out how to make your ride stand out, we’ve got the greatest selection of custom truck accessories in Carson City. So stop by and see how our team can clean up your whip!custom car accessories


Custom car accessories for those chilly drives

The late-summer weather is great, it’s not nearly as hot as it was a few weeks ago. But our mornings are cooling off and they’re only going to get colder. This is a great time to get a remote car starter installed. While you’re getting ready in the morning and looking through your window at all that snow, just press a button to start your car and enjoy a warm ride to work… or school. We’ve got a huge line of remote starters that’ll work with whatever make and model you’ve got.

Let a flat tire be the last thing on your mind

Don’t forget about that commute either. Those tires you’ve been driving on all summer long (and most likely the winter before that), have gone through some serious wear and tear. Make sure you’re getting where you need to go safely, and have TSA install some road grippin’ tires on your vehicle. Whether you’re in the market for a quiet-ride passenger tire or something for your commercial rig, you’ll find it here.

We’ve got the best selection of tires, custom car accessories and truck accessories in Carson City. Not to mention an awesome team of installers and experts that can help with concerns. Wherever your imagination takes you with your car, truck or SUV, let TSA help you get there. Give us a call or stop by our location today, and let’s get your ride ready for winter!

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June 26, 2014 10:40 pm

Winter is cool and so is this creation we whipped up!

jeep polar edition

White 2014 Jeep Polar Edition

The sovereign of snow. The master of mountains. The winter warrior. We outfitted this 2014 Jeep Wrangler with all the custom fittings to create the ultimate beast of the Sierras. Be one with the snow that you tread upon.

We customized this 4-door, 2014 Jeep Polar Edition with a 3.5” lift kit has 17X9 pro comp wheels, with 35” Dick Cepek FCII tires; which are perfect for Northwest Nevada’s mountainous area. The tires also have a hybrid design which makes them ideal for a variety of terrain, especially mud!

This Jeep has front and rear Atlas Bumpers; and a Smittybilt 9500 lb. heavy duty waterproof winch. The Smittybilt winch has a 6.6 horsepower amphibious motor and a 3-stage Planetary Gear System which offers more torque and pulling power. We’ve also added Smittybilt side armor. With a one-piece design that is fully welded, this design offers plenty of protection no matter where you’re taking it. It also doubles as a step to make it easier to climb inside.

Lastly, we mounted a Westin 15″ L.E.D. light bar to the front. Westin’s light bar housing design keeps the inside temperatures lower which help the LEDs run more efficiently. Combined with the overall ruggedness of the housing unit, and the scratch-resistant lens; this Jeep is ready for anything!

Like this custom-made Jeep Polar Edition? TSA Custom Car and Truck can hook you up with your own custom vehicle. Give us a call or check out our gallery for other custom vehicles.


March 25, 2014 6:06 pm

Blue 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Freedom Edition

blue-jeep-wrangler-for-sale-in-carson-cityThis Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is just that, unlimited. We wanted this Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to have no limits to where it can go. So, we packed this blue beauty from the toes to the top with some of our favorite off-road accessories. Starting from the bottom we have Pro Comp 17×9″ wheels with Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 35×12.5″ tires and a Pro Comp 3.5″ lift with front and rear adjustable track bars. 

Next we have added Pro Runner monotube shocks, a monotube steering stabilizer and AEV Geometry Correction Brackets. In the front and back we have, Smittybilt Atlas front and rear bumpers and a Smittybilt XRC Comp 8,000 lb. winch. On the sides are Smittybilt SRC side armor with built-in step. Finally this Jeep is topped-off with Rigid Industries LED Dually lights that are mounted to the windshield pillar. 

Our team at TSA has dressed this Jeep to the nines and it is ready to crawl. 

custom jeep wrangler unlimited