For diesel vehicle owners, knowing how to maximize diesel truck performance is a high priority, regardless of how long the vehicle has been on the road. In addition to regular upkeep and maintenance, a diesel engine can benefit from certain additions to help increase overall diesel performance.

Your diesel engine should always be running at its full capacity and providing maximum output. We’ve compiled a list of simple diesel performance products to help boost diesel performance on your vehicle.

Turbocharger and Exhaust Upgrades

One of the most well-known diesel performance products available to truck owners is the diesel turbocharger. While it is popular, most individuals cannot explain exactly what purpose it serves.

A diesel turbocharger forces a greater amount of air into a vehicle’s combustion chamber. This both allows more oxygen to flow and better regulation of temperature. For diesel truck owners who want more power but are concerned about putting too much stress on the engine, a turbocharger provides much-needed balance.
Similarly, an upgrade to a diesel exhaust system is helpful in boosting diesel truck performance. An upgraded diesel exhaust system allows for owners to increase the capacity of horsepower their vehicle is able to produce.

A bigger diesel exhaust provides a safe way to remove excess exhaust system fumes without compromising engine temperature.

Upgraded Diesel Performance Fuel Injectors

In addition to the exhaust system and turbocharger upgrades, diesel vehicle owners can utilize specialized fuel injectors made for diesel vehicles.

An upgraded diesel fuel injector creates an optimal hole pattern that provides for the most precise fuel spray while on the road. There are wide ranges of diesel fuel injectors that carry a number of benefits. Some trucks can boast an increase in horsepower by 50 or 100 hp simply by adding a diesel fuel injector. Remember, each vehicle will respond differently to added fuel injectors.

With a diesel fuel injector, it is possible to increase total horsepower with the correct mechanical adjustments.

Diesel Fuel Additives

Another easy way to improve diesel performance is by adding diesel fuel additives. While this small enhancer won’t provide for the same amped-up horsepower that a turbocharger or fuel injector will, fuel additives can pack a punch.

Each diesel performance fuel additive works to even out the rate of combustion of the fuel. This creates a smoother driving experience than before. Some fuel additives will provide up to an additional 20 hp for certain vehicles.
If you are wondering how to improve horsepower for your diesel truck, our experienced technicians at TSA Custom Car and Truck are here to help.

We can explain which diesel performance products are best for your vehicle, and assist you with understanding how each works from start to finish.

Visit our diesel performance page or contact us at (775) 883-0477 to discuss your horsepower needs today.


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