Other Custom Car and Carson City

Aftermarket truck accessories are an essential aspect of the automobile industry, offering customization options and upgrades that the original manufacturers might not provide. These are essentially products and enhancements manufactured by third-party companies that aren’t affiliated with the original car producer.

If you’re in the Carson City region and you’re looking to upgrade or customize your vehicle, you’re in luck. We offer an extensive collection of aftermarket car and truck accessories tailored to meet your specific needs. With a vast selection, we guarantee quality and compatibility. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for product availability and a detailed pricing breakdown for your custom truck accessories.

At TSA Custom Car & Truck, our inventory of custom truck accessories includes:

  • Performance Accessories: Boost your truck’s performance and efficiency with our selection of performance-enhancing accessories. Whether you are looking for air intakes, exhaust systems, or performance chips, we have the solution to revamp your driving experience.
  • Hitches and Towing Needs: Whether you’re towing a boat, trailer, or another vehicle, our range of durable hitches and towing accessories ensures that you’re always prepared for the journey ahead.
  • Toolboxes and Van Equipment: Ensure your tools are organized and easily accessible. Our variety of toolboxes and van equipment is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, providing a convenient and secure storage solution.
  • Custom Vinyl Graphics: Give your truck a unique identity. From custom decals to full-body vinyl wraps, our graphic solutions are durable, vibrant, and designed to stand out.
  • Clear Bras/Paint Protection Film: Protect your vehicle’s paint from scratches, stone chips, and other potential damages with our high-quality paint protection films. They are transparent, ensuring your vehicle’s aesthetics remain unchanged while providing an extra layer of protection.
  • Hood Shields: A functional and stylish accessory, hood shields protect your windshield and hood from debris and bugs, while also enhancing your truck’s overall appearance.
  • Wood Dash Kits: Add a touch of elegance to your vehicle’s interior with our premium wood dash kits. Designed to fit perfectly, they offer a sophisticated look that’s sure to impress.
  • Floor Mats: Protect your vehicle’s flooring from dirt, spills, and wear with our durable floor mats. Available in various designs and materials, they’re both practical and stylish.

In addition to our listed products, we constantly update our inventory to meet the evolving needs of our customers. If you have a specific requirement or need assistance in selecting the right custom truck accessory, our team of experts is always here to guide you. Swing by our store or give us a call, and let’s turn your vision into reality.