Here at TSA  Custom Car & Truck, we have recently started working with truck bed organizer companies to become official dealers. We are very excited to expand our products and offer a wide selection to our customers. We now offer organizers from three top of the line companies—Truck Vault, Decked, and Cargoglide. We hope that you’re able to find the product you’re looking for, and as always don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

truckvault storage solution

Your Secure In-Vehicle Storage Solution

From humble beginnings starting as a one-man company, TruckVault has transformed into one of the premier truck storage companies. With products that fit virtually any vehicle type, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for—from trucks and vans to SUVs and sedans.

At TruckVault, you’re able to browse the best organizers based on your profession or lifestyle. They offer specific organizers for law enforcement, firemen, and tactical and military, and support lifestyles of hunting, fishing, photography, and much more.

Decked Truck Storage Box

Truck Bed Tool Boxes & Organizers and Cargo

The owners of Decked had a vision of a product, and they were determined to find a solution to in-vehicle storage systems. No more crawling around in the bed of your truck digging through a pile of gear. Get organized with their 2-drawer system for easy access to tools and equipment.

The drawer system also allows you to still be able to stack the bed of your trucks. The deck sits right above the wheel wells to maximize your bed’s surface area while providing easy access to smooth-rolling drawers.

cargo glide

Load and Unload your Tools & Toys with Ease

Their base unit offers a 65%-75% extension from the bed with a deck height of just 3.875’’ for maximum storage capacity. It comes in an aluminum, steel, and diamond plate deck with 6 sealed ball bearings. Heavy load? No problem. Cargoglide base units start at a 1,000lbs capacity that is ready to take on any job.

CargoGlide is another innovative company that makes similar drawer style cargo space that fits trucks, vans, jeeps, and SUVs. Easy installation and customizable options make sure you’re able to find something that suits your needs with options from horizontal sliders, side sliders, custom sizes, and financing options.