TSA Offers Leather Car Seat Upholstery.

Experience the Luxury of Katzkin Leather for your next car seat repair.

You don’t need a luxury vehicle to drive in style and comfort. When cloth seats just don’t cut it anymore, and you need a car seat repair, Katzkin is the best choice for updating your car with custom leather upholstery. If you’re looking for a shop that offers car and custom truck accessories in Carson City and can overhaul your interior to Katzkin Leather, come check us out. As the leader in custom automotive leather, Katzkin delivers tailor-made, custom-fit interiors for just about any non-luxury vehicle. Whether driving a Mercedes-Benz, a Jeep, Ford, or Kia, you can ride in luxury with Katzkin leather without paying a luxury price.

We are a Professional Installer of Katzkin Leather

You could buy a new vehicle with Katzkin leather, but why buy new when you can treat yourself to a car seat repair on the car you currently own? If you finally want an upgrade from low quality and more durable car and truck accessories in Carson City, TSA can help.

TSA Custom Car and Truck is located in Carson City, and we offer a variety of custom car and truck accessories. We are also a professional installer of Katzkin. You can choose your Katzkin leather from a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. See and feel the difference for yourself. First, you can select the design of your choice from the Design Selector. The Design Selector will prompt you to find your local installer. Once you pick your design, call us to make your appointment. We’ll help you install your custom-fitted leather so that you can be on your way. It’s that simple!

How to Buy:

• Choose your design from the Design Selector.
• Call to make your appointment. We’ll install your leather, with a perfect fit every time.

Why Choose Katzkin?

Cloth will stain after a period of time. Oil and dirt get trapped, and regardless of how well you care for it, cloth tears after a while. Plastic warps and crack, it looks unattractive and doesn’t feel great on the skin with age. Old leather, improperly cared for, cracks. After a time, it can look worn out and doesn’t feel too good. No matter how well you cared for your leather, used vehicles often come with leather that hasn’t been cared for. That is where Katzkin’s leather upholstery and TSA Custom Car and Truck can help with a car seat repair.

Benefits of Katzkin Leather:

Katzkin leather will completely transform the interior of your vehicle. Not only does Katzkin leather make riding in your vehicle more comfortable overall, but leather also helps regulate your body temperature while inside the car, protects your seats from accidental spills, and cleans up well. Even if you spill something, get mud, dirt, or snow on your chairs, Katzkin leather is easy to clean and maintain. The interior of your vehicle will always look great. And you will have the confidence of driving a well-maintained car, inside and out.