You’ll be excited to find that RVs can be one of the most exciting kind of vehicles to customize for those who have just started their RV experience or are thinking about it. While customizing traditional cars and trucks mainly falls to improving performance, looks, or power, a custom built travel trailer has so much more that can be done to it. Want to improve the convenience of the RV? Add pull-out countertop extensions in the kitchen for more surface area to cook! Improve performance and comfort by switching out lights for LED lights.

TSA Custom Car and Truck is known for offering professional installation for a wide variety of modifications on top of the car and truck accessories we have for Carson City and surrounding areas. We also provide services and products for custom RVs. Check out our list below. If you have a modification for your RV that isn’t listed, please contact us to see how we can help.

Windows and Vent Windows

Windows are one of the quickest improvements that can be made to any custom built travel trailer. There is a huge variety of windows to choose from, allowing you the choice to customize your RV how you want.

Types of Window Panes

    • Fixed Pane: The most basic of all panes, fixed pane windows are a low-cost and easy installation, but don’t contribute to ventilation or have an emergency exit feature. All it provides is a good view, and for some people, that’s all they need.
    • Sliding Pane: Have the function to slide, but only about halfway (some models don’t even open that far). Sliding panes can be purchased with either vertical or horizontal sliding functionality.
    • Awning Pane: Also known as slated or torque panes, awning windows have the unique functionality to open outwards to create an awning that lets in plenty of air. Unlike sliding panes, if you get caught in the rain with your awning window, you won’t be soaked.
Solar Panels

Depending on your trip plans, a solar power system may help you save money in areas were conventional forms of power aren’t accessible. Here are some great ways you can use solar panel systems during your RV trips.

Dry Camping (Boondocking)
You’ll find RV solar panels useful when dry camping in remote areas where other sources of power aren’t readily available. A solar panel system will help keep your systems running without the need for fuel or generators.

Hunting and Fishing Trips
Everyone knows the best spots for game hunting and fishing are almost always deep in nature. Heading out with solar panels will give you the power to stay out longer without the need for shoreline power or a loud generator that will scare off the wildlife and disrupt the peace.

Long Road Trips
Trekking across the US requires a reliable RV battery. But for those moments when your battery lets you down, you’ll be happy you have solar power as a backup.

Racks and Ladders
Despite the large size of RVs, there is always some stuff that just won’t fit inside your custom built travel trailer. RV racks and ladders allow the outside of your RV to carry your larger items. Take your favorite bikes with you after a TSA-installed bike rack. Or, we can add a tire rack to make those sudden flats no longer a worry.

Lift Kits
With a professionally installed RV lift by TSA Custom Car and Truck, your vehicle will be better equipped to take on off-road terrain.

Tires and Wheels
Tire and wheel modifications can make a significant difference with the performance of your RV or trailer. Whether seasonal, snow, or all-terrain, we can help make sure your custom built travel trailer is ready for your next trip.

LED Interior and Exterior Lighting
We offer interior and exterior lighting installation. Come get your incandescent bulbs replaced by LED bulbs to really see the improvement. With LED light bulbs, you’ll be draining up to 90% less power than other bulbs.

Power Inverters
Looking to cut down on the use of a noisy generator to power your 120 Volt appliances? We can install a power inverter to give you the solution you need.

Dual Battery Systems
When an RV isn’t plugged into an alternate power source, all it has to draw power from is the battery and a generator. A TSA-installed dual battery system provides a second source of power to allow for extended trips or more use of electronics.

Roof Tents
We install RV roof tents and roof attachments.

Beds, Rugs, and Walls
Turn your RV interior into a true living space with professionally installed rugs, walls, and beds.

Water Storage
We can install additional water storage tanks for all your water needs.

Modify Your Custom RV Today
Ready to bring your RV to the next level? Contact us today for more information on how we can help you. Do you want to spruce up your other vehicles too? Explore the variety of car and truck accessories we have at our Carson City shop.