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November 4, 2019 6:34 pm

One of the best truck accessories you can buy for your vehicle is a camper shell or truck bed cover. They are ideal components to add to your truck if you’re looking for extra security and protection and can provide more utility to your vehicle. At TSA Custom Cars and Trucks, we have the best selection of camper shells and truck bed covers in Reno. See for yourself how a truck bed cover can enhance your vehicle and protect the items you leave stored in it. 

truck bed covers reno

Camper Shells

Camper shells, also called truck caps, are a great way to add utility to your truck and get the extra security you need to keep your important belongings safe. Not only do camper shells provide coverage for your valuables, but they also protect your truck’s bed from damage caused by poor weather conditions. And luckily, they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials to properly fit your truck’s specific make and model. 

While camper shells give trucks an SUV look, they don’t take away from the usability of your truck’s bed. Camper shells can be extremely useful for avid and novice campers as they provide a covered area for sleeping that goes beyond tent camping because it better protects from wind and rain. These shells are also great for those who like to travel with their pets but don’t want them ruining the interior of the truck’s cab. A camper shell keeps animals, such as dogs, perfectly safe while driving, and keeps your truck’s interior clean. And if you store tools for work in your truck bed, a camper shell protects and secures these items from inclement weather and out of sight from potential burglars. 

Flat Truck Bed Covers 

Flat truck bed covers, also called tonneau covers, are covers that lay flat over the top of your truck’s bed. These covers are generally used in trucks where the height of their cargo fits into the existing bed space. Another reason you would opt for the tonneau cover is if you often carry items that would be too tall for a camper shell. Because tonneau covers are simple and easy to remove they are a great option for those who often haul tall or large items. Tonneau covers also come in a variety of different styles and materials making them very versatile. See below to determine which cover would work best for you and your truck.  

Folding Covers

Folding tonneau covers are popular because of their easy use and effectiveness for keeping belongings guarded and the truck bed safe from poor weather conditions. These covers usually have either two or three panels which can be folded back in order to gain access to the bed of the truck. And because tonneau covers fold all the way back, removal isn’t necessary for carrying taller items in the bed. 

Another benefit of folding covers is that they come in soft or hard materials, each having their own benefits. Soft folding covers allow easy access to the truck bed and can be fully removed with ease. Likewise, hardcovers are also easy to use, but they add an extra element of security when paired with a truck bed equipped with a locking tailgate. Soft and hard folding tonneau covers sit almost seamlessly above the truck bed for a smooth finished look. 

Roll-Up Covers

Roll-up covers function just as their name implies. They roll-up from the back of the truck bed to the front in order to access the bed of the truck. These tonneau covers provide adequate protection for the truck bed and easy access for carrying taller items. Installation is also easy and non-damaging to your vehicle. The frame of this cover clamps to the truck bed without drilling and can be removed with ease. 

Retractable Covers

Retractable tonneau covers are able to retract into the front of the truck bed, which is the area closest to the cab of the truck. These covers are able to fully retract and leave the truck bed completely open which means there’s no need to remove the cover to gain access to the bed. Some retractable tonneau covers can even be motorized and are controlled using a remote for effortless operation. Like most tonneau covers, the retractable covers also come in various materials such as vinyl or aluminum. Another type of retractable cover is made from a  polycarbonate surface which is placed over a retractable reinforcing structure. These covers sit flat over the truck’s bed to provide a clean appearance and make the cover practically unnoticeable. 

truck bed covers reno

Hinged Covers

Hinged covers are used by lifting up the cover in order to gain access to the bed. They can be made with either soft or hard materials ranging from fiberglass and hard plastic to soft vinyl or cloth. The hardcovers can also be painted to perfectly match the color of your truck making them a seamless addition to your vehicle. Another benefit of hinged covers is that they offer complete weather protection and keep the bed of your truck free of damage caused by rain and snow. These covers provide extra security with a lock that protects the truck bed and prevents the tailgate from being opened. And if you need to remove the cover to fit large items in the truck bed, it’s easy to remove, and easy to re-install.   

Truck Bed Covers Reno

TSA Custom Cars and Trucks has a large selection of camper shells and truck bed covers in Reno. Their team can help you find the perfect cover for your truck based on your budget, style preferences, and the ease of operation. If you’re looking for added security and protection, a truck bed cover could be the solution you need. Take a look at our camper shell and truck bed cover options today!

December 1, 2017 10:52 pm

While your car or truck may be great, there is always something about it that can be upgraded to make your vehicle even greater. TSA Custom Car and Truck has custom accessories for your truck and car!

Trying to find a Reno car or truck accessory in particular? Give us a call at 775.883.0477


Paint Protection – Keep Your Car Looking Good

paint protection

Of all the car accessories, the easiest and most effective way you can upgrade your car is with paint protection. Paint protection film is an invisible shield that prevents your car’s paint job from degrading. Brands like Llumar and XPEL provide incredible paint protection films that protect against:



-small road debris

-bugs and insects

-winter sand and salts

Not only do paint protection films keep your car looking great, but they also enhance your car’s resale value!


Cold Air Intakes – Better Air, Better Performance

Many engine modifications are expensive, time-consuming, and not really worth it. Cold air intake may just be the most undervalued car accessory you can put on your engine. Fairly inexpensive and easy to install, cold air intakes make your engine more powerful. Cold air intakes move the air filter outside the engine so that cooler air can enter the engine to combust. Colder air is more dense, which means better combustion, which means more power coming out of your engine. Sounds pretty good, right?


Performance Exhausts -Making Your Car Breath Better

Where cold air intakes improve your vehicle’s “inhale”, performance exhausts improve your vehicle’s “exhale”. Factory exhaust systems, typically referred to as “crush-bend” systems, contain a crinkled area of the pipe that slows down the escape of gas. Less gas that can escape means that your car won’t be able to perform as well as it should. One solution comes in the form of an aftermarket exhaust product referred to as a “mandrel bend”. A mandrel bend keeps the diameter of the pipe consistent throughout the whole pipe. This consistency allows for more air and gas to exit the pipe. Performance exhausts make some of the perfect car accessories.


Performance Suspension

When you think of suspension, you probably automatically think of off-roading. However, your car can benefit from a suspension upgrade even if your car is just used for cruising. Car accessories that upgrade suspension with sway bars and coil springs will make your car more grounded and stable. A more grounded car will have an easier time accelerating and turning.

Of course, if you live in Nevada, then off-roading is probably why you are looking for suspension. According to TSA Custom Car and Truck, replacing your shocks, struts, sleeves, springs, and mounts will make your car ready for the dirt trails. Your shocks and struts will make your car capable of taking on rocky and uneven roads. Upgraded sleeves make your car’s struts rebound better when taking a hit while also reducing the nose dive your car does when braking. Lastly, new motor mounts will lessen engine rocking and give it more pull when you accelerate.


Wheels and Tires

Nothing improves the look and feel of your car like a new set of wheels. Whether it be for performance, luxury, or just to raise your truck even higher, TSA’s has the perfect aftermarket tire and wheel packages to satisfy your needs. TSA’s selection ranges from classic brands such as Firestone and Bridgestone to more advanced products from the likes of American Eagle Wheel and Mickey Thompson.

See our selection of over 20 tire and wheel brands

off road tires

Got any great ideas for your next upgrade? TSA Custom Car and Truck also provides custom accessories for trucks and cars. Give us a call at 775.883.0477 or check out our products page to see what car and truck accessories we have to offer the Reno, Tahoe, and Carson City area. 

June 12, 2015 3:59 pm

Changing the tires and wheels on your car, truck or jeep to aftermarket selections comes with a number of advantages. The process, however, can be a daunting one. There are a number of factors to consider to ensure your upgrade is the best choice for you. To start, it is important to understand what information is necessary to make the process of purchasing aftermarket wheels. Here are some tips for choosing the best custom wheels and tires for your vehicle:

Considerations for Custom WheelsCustom rim installation.

When thinking about upgrading to custom wheels and custom accessories for trucks and cars, the first aspect to consider is the purpose for the change. Are you trying to enhance the overall aesthetic of your vehicle, or are you hoping to improve the driving performance? Each of these underlying reasons for changing to aftermarket wheels will help you focus your end selection and make the most appropriate choice for your vehicle needs. In addition to honing in on your best options for custom tires and wheels, there are critical considerations regarding fit. The most important consideration includes your vehicle’s lug bolt pattern, width and diameter, backspacing, offset and pricing.

  • Lug bolt pattern – each vehicle will have a different lug bolt pattern, which is the simply the position andLarge rim wheels number of bolts that attach your wheel to your car, truck or jeep. The owner’s manual provides this information, but TSA has access to an extensive database that stores this information as well. It is necessary to have this information to make sure your new wheels are a perfect fit.
  • Width/Diameter – the factory width for your vehicle is also available in the owner’s manual, but will depend on the design of your car, truck or jeep’s suspension. If you are buying aftermarket wheels but are keeping your original tires, simply select aftermarket wheels that are the same as the factory width.

Find the Perfect Fit

If you are upgrading to new Jeep wheels or aftermarket truck wheels as well as custom tires, you will need to know how much extra space is available to ensure a smooth fit. In addition to width, the wheel’s diameter is an important metric to understand. In essence, this measurement tells you just how big your custom tires and wheels can be. Newer cars often have greater diameter measurements, while older vehicles tend to be smaller.

  • Backspacing – the distance between a wheel hub and the inner LRG-wheels-3edge of the wheel is known as backspacing. The majority of cars, trucks and jeeps have excess backspacing which allows for bigger aftermarket tires and aftermarket wheels. Ensure the backspacing on your vehicle is large enough to accommodate your upgrade, especially with custom car wheels.
  • Offset – Measuring offset may be one of the most confusing components of planning for custom wheels and tires. Offset is the distance between the center of the wheel (when looking at it from above) and the section of the wheel that sits against the hub.
  • Pricing – the greatest consideration in shopping for custom tires and wheels for most owners is price. Like other purchases, you get what you pay for with custom car wheels, custom Jeep wheels and custom truck wheels. There are a number of luxury wheels that stay within a tight budget, while other options can be quite pricey. It helps to set a limit for yourself prior to visiting a retailer. Know that custom wheels and tires are an investment in your vehicle.

Benefits of Custom Wheels and Tires

Custom wheels and tires make your vehicle stand out from the pack. They also easily upgrade the overall aesthetic to match your unique preferences or needs. In addition to enhancing appearance, aftermarket wheels and tires can have a major impact on your vehicle’s performance on the road. Often, custom tires are lighter than factory options, which can boost your engine’s performance over the long haul. Similarly, aftermarket wheels are often stronger than factory models, making for a sturdy, durable vehicle.

Whether you are considering a simple upgrade for your vehicle or are seeking out expertise in the luxury wheels market, our experienced team at TSA Custom Car and Truck can assist you with measurements and final selections in custom accessories for trucks. Contact us for a consultation, installation or purchase of your custom wheels and tires today!

September 15, 2014 11:50 pm

Frost on the pumpkin is comin’

We can’t wait for the months ahead. There’s nothing like off-roading in the snowy Sierras looking for some fresh powder. We’ve been busy helping Northern Nevada get ready for it by fixing up rides with aftermarket custom car accessories. But if you’re still trying to figure out how to make your ride stand out, we’ve got the greatest selection of Reno truck accessories. So stop by and see how our team can clean up your whip with all of the custom accessories for trucks and cars that we have to offer!custom car accessories


Custom Reno car and truck accessories for those chilly drives

The late-summer weather is great, it’s not nearly as hot as it was a few weeks ago. But our mornings are cooling off and they’re only going to get colder. This is a great time to get a remote car starter installed. While you’re getting ready in the morning and looking through your window at all that snow, just press a button to start your car and enjoy a warm ride to work… or school. We’ve got a huge line of remote starters that’ll work with whatever make and model you’ve got.

Let a flat tire be the last thing on your mind

Don’t forget about that commute either. Those tires you’ve been driving on all summer long (and most likely the winter before that), have gone through some serious wear and tear. Make sure you’re getting where you need to go safely, and have TSA install some road gripping tires on your vehicle. Whether you’re in the market for a quiet-ride passenger tire or something for your commercial rig, you’ll find it here.

We’ve got the best selection of tires, custom car accessories, and custom accessories for trucks in Reno, Tahoe, and Carson City. Not to mention an awesome team of installers and experts that can help with concerns. Wherever your imagination takes you with your car, truck or SUV, let TSA help you get there. Give us a call or stop by our location today, and let’s get your ride ready for winter!

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April 23, 2013 6:53 pm

auxiliary lightingKC HiLITES Lamps, PIAA Lights & Hella, Inc.

TSA Custom Car & Truck is constantly pushing the boundaries for designing custom vehicles that out perform and outshine everything else on the road. One of the features that are commonly requested by our customers are options for auxiliary lighting. Whether you prefer the traditional KC HiLITES Lamps, the sharpness of PIAA Lights or the technologically advanced Hella, Inc., we’ve got you covered.

When our customers come to us looking for custom car and custom accessories for trucks in Reno and Carson City, they don’t want limitations. This is why we chose to carry all of the three top brands for auxiliary lighting in the nation. If these guys don’t make it, you probably don’t want it. Each have their signature styles and between them they are certain to have designed an auxiliary light scheme that will blow your mind.

Choose the Auxiliary Lighting that’s right for you

We still remember the 70s and 80s when those KC lights on the top of your truck were a must. That classic style is still popular. Whether you are looking for a traditional or a more modern look, KC HiLITES are king. They provide exceptional clarity and strength in every product they offer. With the KC logo on it, there is no such thing as a low quality light.

Recognized for their commitment to manufacturing world-class products, PIAA Lights (lamps) have gained a strong reputation in the industry. Their lights provide increased style and safety for night, inclement weather and off-road driving conditions, plus they look good doing it. Always using the latest in market research, PIAA Lights (lamps) are constantly coming up with incredible lighting products.

Hella, Inc., is known for their constant commitment towards producing the most technologically advanced automotive lighting in the industry. Nobody pushes the envelope further than these guys. Strapping a set of Hella lamps to the roof or grill of your truck is guaranteed to turn some heads.

TSA Custom Car & Truck has diverse automotive auxiliary light options in Reno that are certain to fit anyone’s taste. No matter what you have in mind, we will have car and truck accessories in Reno that will meet or exceed your expectations. Plus, our technicians have the experience to guarantee a professional installation that will maximize the look and performance of these products. Don’t risk do-it-yourself wiring jobs and find your headlights coming on the next time you turn on your heater. Instead, let us handle it. At TSA Custom Car & Truck we always build it the way you want it.

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