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December 1, 2017 10:52 pm

While your car or truck may be great, there is always something about it that can be upgraded to make your vehicle even greater. TSA Custom Car and Truck has custom accessories for your truck and car!

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Paint Protection – Keep Your Car Looking Good

paint protection

Of all the car accessories, the easiest and most effective way you can upgrade your car is with paint protection. Paint protection film is an invisible shield that prevents your car’s paint job from degrading. Brands like Llumar and XPEL provide incredible paint protection films that protect against:



-small road debris

-bugs and insects

-winter sand and salts

Not only do paint protection films keep your car looking great, but they also enhance your car’s resale value!


Cold Air Intakes – Better Air, Better Performance

Many engine modifications are expensive, time-consuming, and not really worth it. Cold air intake may just be the most undervalued car accessory you can put on your engine. Fairly inexpensive and easy to install, cold air intakes make your engine more powerful. Cold air intakes move the air filter outside the engine so that cooler air can enter the engine to combust. Colder air is more dense, which means better combustion, which means more power coming out of your engine. Sounds pretty good, right?


Performance Exhausts -Making Your Car Breath Better

Where cold air intakes improve your vehicle’s “inhale”, performance exhausts improve your vehicle’s “exhale”. Factory exhaust systems, typically referred to as “crush-bend” systems, contain a crinkled area of the pipe that slows down the escape of gas. Less gas that can escape means that your car won’t be able to perform as well as it should. One solution comes in the form of an aftermarket exhaust product referred to as a “mandrel bend”. A mandrel bend keeps the diameter of the pipe consistent throughout the whole pipe. This consistency allows for more air and gas to exit the pipe. Performance exhausts make some of the perfect car accessories.


Performance Suspension

When you think of suspension, you probably automatically think of off-roading. However, your car can benefit from a suspension upgrade even if your car is just used for cruising. Car accessories that upgrade suspension with sway bars and coil springs will make your car more grounded and stable. A more grounded car will have an easier time accelerating and turning.

Of course, if you live in Nevada, then off-roading is probably why you are looking for suspension. According to TSA Custom Car and Truck, replacing your shocks, struts, sleeves, springs, and mounts will make your car ready for the dirt trails. Your shocks and struts will make your car capable of taking on rocky and uneven roads. Upgraded sleeves make your car’s struts rebound better when taking a hit while also reducing the nose dive your car does when braking. Lastly, new motor mounts will lessen engine rocking and give it more pull when you accelerate.


Wheels and Tires

Nothing improves the look and feel of your car like a new set of wheels. Whether it be for performance, luxury, or just to raise your truck even higher, TSA’s has the perfect aftermarket tire and wheel packages to satisfy your needs. TSA’s selection ranges from classic brands such as Firestone and Bridgestone to more advanced products from the likes of American Eagle Wheel and Mickey Thompson.

See our selection of over 20 tire and wheel brands

off road tires

Got any great ideas for your next upgrade? TSA Custom Car and Truck also provides custom accessories for trucks and cars. Give us a call at 775.883.0477 or check out our products page to see what car and truck accessories we have to offer the Reno, Tahoe, and Carson City area. 

September 30, 2016 12:27 am

Red custom Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Fall is a great time to get on four wheels and explore the Sierras with your custom Jeep. What? You are still driving a stock vehicle? If you live in Carson City or Reno, a custom Jeep is the only way to go. Not only can you rock crawl with precision in the hills, you can customize your Jeep to handle mud, snow, or any type of terrain the Sierras and valleys can dish up.



Here are a few our favorite custom Jeep add-ons:

Lift Your Jeep

If your buddy is trying to convince you to lift your Jeep yourself, don’t give in. Do not attempt to lift your Jeep yourself. This is something that only an expert should do. Especially with the terrain in Carson City and Reno, it can ruin your custom Jeep if it’s not done right. Jeeps have unique suspension and if they aren’t lifted properly they can succumb to Death Wobble (yes, it’s as bad as it sounds) and other problems. If you had your Jeep lifted by someone who didn’t know what they were doing, we can fix that. You deserve to drive a custom Jeep, with the right lift and suspension, not a hack job. While you are lifting, be sure you have the right tires for your amount of lift. The right tires will make all the difference in your custom Jeep experience.

Give it More Horsepower

Towing and all-terrain driving is easier when you have a few more horses under the hood. Power up your custom Jeep with more horsepower with turbocharger and exhaust upgrades or an upgraded diesel fuel injector. Even some diesel fuel additives will aid the cause of getting more power for your play time. If you are rocking a diesel, you already have a lot of potential in your custom Jeep. Adding on more horsepower is easy and will add more oomph to your experience. Pair that with custom towing accessories and you’ll be able to haul anything.

Make it Shine

After the dirt, mud, and snow, you may still want to shine up your custom Jeep for a night out in Carson City or Reno. Make that baby show and shine with paint protection. Paint protection will help your vehicle clean up nice. Add some custom lighting to the exterior and interior to make your custom Jeep stand out in a crowd.

Get Comfortable

Aftermarket accessories inside your custom Jeep make for a sweet and comfortable ride. Don’t forget seat warmers, because Winter is on its way! You can outfit your Jeep to be or do just about anything you want. Flip through some catalogs for inspiration or hit our web site. Then, leave all the hard work, and expertise, to us. We’ll make your custom Jeep just the way you want it at TSA Custom Car & Truck.

September 24, 2013 11:52 pm

aftermarket accessoriesThere are clearly present benefits that aftermarket Reno truck accessories and performance parts can have during the lifetime of your vehicle, especially off-road vehicles. For example, undercarriage and collision protection, window tinting, and paint protection, all serve the longevity of your car’s appearance.

But what do these add-ons do for resale value?

It’s hard to say what each Reno aftermarket truck accessory, among the plethora that exist, will do to the resale value.

Here is what should be kept in mind concerning alterations made to vehicles: does this alteration appeal to a large market? In other words, will a large group of car buyers be interested in the “upgrade” you’ve just installed?

The Value of the Visual

Custom Paint Jobs: How many times do you see a classic Ford F-150 painted purple? How about a Jeep Wrangler in flashy burnt orange? Painting your vehicle your favorite color will undoubtedly make it special. Unfortunately, the market of buyers looking for special is slim- no matter how beautiful the finish is.

Paint Protection Films: Paint protection is another upgrade that can benefit your vehicle’s resale value. Not only will it cover for the life of the vehicle after resale, but it will also protect the vehicle’s paint assets.

Revamp and Resale

Suspension: Suspension upgrades can be installed for look and functionality. Wanting to crawl around the desert or the mountains in your Jeep is reason enough to have proper suspension installed. There is also a whole group of consumers who just love the style and look of big lifted trucks. Both of these will probably do little in the way of added value onto the pricing of your vehicle’s resale. However, just like with lifted trucks, the off-roading industry is prevalent and has a substantial following. Because there is a market for this industry, aftermarket Reno truck accessories will not put a damper on the chances of resale.

Window Tinting: We spoke at lengths about this option in our last post. Check it out to see all of these benefits. This upgrade won’t be lost in the resale value.

Grills and Guards: Similar to suspension kits, grills and guards appeal to a particular market, while also providing functionality. These performance parts, aid in collision incidents. Perhaps hitting a deer or even in the event of a car-on-car accident. Grills also protect the vehicle’s body when participating in off-road activities, especially rock crawling. 

What is the Golden Rule of Aftermarket Accessories and Performance Parts?

Eric Lyman, ALG’s Vice President of Residual Value Solutions, shows a great way to think about the addition of aftermarket accessories,

“Think of buying a home with some expensive custom marble countertops in the kitchen,” Lyman explains. “The owners sees a beautiful reminder of their trip to southern Italy. All the buyer sees is a countertop that isn’t exactly their style and is difficult to maintain.”

This is a two-part rule:

  1. Keep in mind who your potential buyer market is.

  2. If selling your car is inevitable, always ask yourself if the vehicle upgrade you have in mind is something that will appeal to that market.

At TSA, we love car enthusiasts. Our goal is to make sure your vehicle is protected. Whether adding something solely for aesthetic purpose or helping you pursue a lifestyle, we can answer any questions you have about what aftermarket investments will do for your vehicle’s resale value.


Check out the areas we specialize in as well as the the products and custom accessories we have to offer for trucks and cars, then give us a call so we can upgrade your vehicle in Reno, Tahoe, or Carson City!