There are clearly present benefits that aftermarket truck and car accessories can have during the lifetime of your vehicle, especially off-road vehicles. For example, undercarriage and collision protection, window tinting, and paint protection, all serve the longevity of your car’s appearance.

What Do These Add-Ons Do for Resale Value?

It’s hard to say what each aftermarket truck accessory, among the plethora that exists, will do to the resale value.

Here is what should be kept in mind concerning alterations made to vehicles: does this alteration appeal to a large market? In other words, will a large group of car buyers be interested in the “upgrade” you’ve just installed?

The Value of the Visual

Custom Paint Jobs: How many times do you see a classic Ford F-150 painted purple? How about a Jeep Wrangler in flashy burnt orange? Painting your vehicle your favorite color will undoubtedly make it special. Unfortunately, the market of buyers looking for special is slim- no matter how beautiful the finish is.

Paint Protection Films: Paint protection is another upgrade that can benefit your vehicle’s resale value. Not only will it cover for the life of the vehicle after resale, but it will also protect the vehicle’s paint assets.

Revamp and Resale

Suspension: Suspension upgrades can be installed for look and functionality. Wanting to crawl around the desert or the mountains in your Jeep is reason enough to have proper suspension installed. There is also a whole group of consumers who just love the style and look of big lifted trucks. Both of these will probably do little in the way of added value onto the pricing of your vehicle’s resale. However, just like with lifted trucks, the off-roading industry is prevalent and has a substantial following. Because there is a market for this industry, aftermarket Carson City truck accessories will not put a damper on the chances of resale.

Window Tinting: We spoke at lengths about this option in our last post. Check it out to see all of these benefits. This upgrade won’t be lost in the resale value.

Grills and Guards: Similar to suspension kits, grills and guards appeal to a particular market, while also providing functionality. These performance parts, aid in collision incidents. Perhaps hitting a deer or even in the event of a car-on-car accident. Grills also protect the vehicle’s body when participating in off-road activities, especially rock crawling.

What is the Golden Rule of Aftermarket Accessories and Performance Parts?

Eric Lyman, ALG’s Vice President of Residual Value Solutions, shows a great way to think about the addition of aftermarket accessories,

“Think of buying a home with some expensive custom marble countertops in the kitchen,” Lyman explains. “The owners see a beautiful reminder of their trip to southern Italy. All the buyer sees is a countertop that isn’t exactly their style and is difficult to maintain.”

This is a two-part rule:

  1. Keep in mind who your potential buyer market is.

  2. If selling your car is inevitable, always ask yourself if the vehicle upgrade you have in mind is something that will appeal to that market.

Carson City Custom Car Shop

At TSA, we love car enthusiasts. Our goal is to make sure your vehicle is protected. Whether adding something solely for aesthetic purpose or helping you pursue a lifestyle, we can answer any questions you have about what aftermarket investments will do for your vehicle’s resale value.

Check out the areas we specialize in as well as the products and custom truck and car accessories we have to offer. Then give us a call so we can upgrade your vehicle in Carson City!


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