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January 19, 2018 6:15 pm

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When you love your car, every knick hurts. Whether it’s your dream car or fresh off the lot, we understand that you would want your car to stay in perfect condition. You may have looked into the many ways to protect the paint job on your car. Luckily, there is one option that stands above the rest: car paint protection film.

What is Car Paint Protection?

Sometimes referred to as a clear bra, clear film, or PPF, paint protection film is a clear or colored polyurethane film that is applied directly onto a vehicle by a trained professional. In what was originally only used for military purposes, paint protection film has been adopted throughout the world from commercial cars to professional Nascar race car teams.

clear bra

1. Protects Damage to Your Car

So what does paint protection actually protect against? When applied to a car, the film absorbs a wide range of damages. These include

  • Knicks
  • Rock scratches
  • Sand
  • Hail
  • Chemicals
  • Winter Salt
  • Bugs
  • UV Rays

Paint protection film is essentially a shield for your car.

2. Preserves Your Car’s Paint

As mentioned on the list, paint protection film preserves you car’s paint job. Everyday your car is hit with UV Rays that slowly wither away the paint on your car. Clear bras absorb those harmful rays that would be otherwise be causing discoloration on your car.

3. Enhances the Appearance of Your Car

Not only does protection film protect you car’s paint job, but it also enhances the look of your car. Paint protection film adds a polished and sleek-look combined with a high-gloss finish that will make your car look better than when it was on the lot.

4. Saves You Money

When you are passionate about your car, you want to keep it in tip-top shape all the time. Unfortunately, the costs for constant upkeep can really add up. Paint protection film, or “clear bras” keep your car from ever needing upkeep in the first place. That extra saved money can be used to further upgrade your car even more.

5. Increases the Value of Your Car

The moment you drive your car off the lot, your car significantly depreciates in value. Unless you are willing to spend money towards upkeep, every scratch and knick on your car decreases your re-sale value.

Ready to protect? TSA Custom Car and Truck is certified to apply two major paint film brands.

December 1, 2017 10:52 pm

While your car or truck may be great, there is always something about it that can be upgraded to make your vehicle even greater. TSA Custom Car and Truck has custom accessories for your truck and car!

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Paint Protection – Keep Your Car Looking Good

paint protection

Of all the car accessories, the easiest and most effective way you can upgrade your car is with paint protection. Paint protection film is an invisible shield that prevents your car’s paint job from degrading. Brands like Llumar and XPEL provide incredible paint protection films that protect against:



-small road debris

-bugs and insects

-winter sand and salts

Not only do paint protection films keep your car looking great, but they also enhance your car’s resale value!


Cold Air Intakes – Better Air, Better Performance

Many engine modifications are expensive, time-consuming, and not really worth it. Cold air intake may just be the most undervalued car accessory you can put on your engine. Fairly inexpensive and easy to install, cold air intakes make your engine more powerful. Cold air intakes move the air filter outside the engine so that cooler air can enter the engine to combust. Colder air is more dense, which means better combustion, which means more power coming out of your engine. Sounds pretty good, right?


Performance Exhausts -Making Your Car Breath Better

Where cold air intakes improve your vehicle’s “inhale”, performance exhausts improve your vehicle’s “exhale”. Factory exhaust systems, typically referred to as “crush-bend” systems, contain a crinkled area of the pipe that slows down the escape of gas. Less gas that can escape means that your car won’t be able to perform as well as it should. One solution comes in the form of an aftermarket exhaust product referred to as a “mandrel bend”. A mandrel bend keeps the diameter of the pipe consistent throughout the whole pipe. This consistency allows for more air and gas to exit the pipe. Performance exhausts make some of the perfect car accessories.


Performance Suspension

When you think of suspension, you probably automatically think of off-roading. However, your car can benefit from a suspension upgrade even if your car is just used for cruising. Car accessories that upgrade suspension with sway bars and coil springs will make your car more grounded and stable. A more grounded car will have an easier time accelerating and turning.

Of course, if you live in Nevada, then off-roading is probably why you are looking for suspension. According to TSA Custom Car and Truck, replacing your shocks, struts, sleeves, springs, and mounts will make your car ready for the dirt trails. Your shocks and struts will make your car capable of taking on rocky and uneven roads. Upgraded sleeves make your car’s struts rebound better when taking a hit while also reducing the nose dive your car does when braking. Lastly, new motor mounts will lessen engine rocking and give it more pull when you accelerate.


Wheels and Tires

Nothing improves the look and feel of your car like a new set of wheels. Whether it be for performance, luxury, or just to raise your truck even higher, TSA’s has the perfect aftermarket tire and wheel packages to satisfy your needs. TSA’s selection ranges from classic brands such as Firestone and Bridgestone to more advanced products from the likes of American Eagle Wheel and Mickey Thompson.

See our selection of over 20 tire and wheel brands

off road tires

Got any great ideas for your next upgrade? TSA Custom Car and Truck also provides custom accessories for trucks and cars. Give us a call at 775.883.0477 or check out our products page to see what car and truck accessories we have to offer the Reno, Tahoe, and Carson City area. 

April 21, 2015 9:54 pm

Reno clear bra.Paint protection film, also known as clear bra, provides year-around automotive paint protection as an alternative to otherwise bulky, visible front-end protection products. Instead of utilizing vinyl as a material to save your vehicle from unavoidable damage, paint protection film like clear bra is an invisible shield for your vehicle that is constantly secured and does not alter the overall appearance of your car. Investing in a product like Xpel clear bra or other car paint protection keeps your car free from a number of natural mishaps on the road, including:

• Unavailable abrasions
• Nicks and dents from other drivers or small road debris
• Scratches from insects
• Salt and sand during winter seasons
• Damage from the sun during the spring or summer

Paint Protection shields your car

Residents in Reno may love the warm weather and sun-filled days experienced throughout the majority of the year, but keeping your vehicle safe from the damaging sun can be a challenge. Xpel protection film provides a smart solution to keep your vehicle protected from sun damage throughout the year. Because Xpel clear bra is an ultra-thin urethane plastic that utilizes a clear-coat finish, your paint color is able to shine through without being affected by the sun’s damaging rays.

Improve your car’s maintenance and durability

In addition to Xpel paint protection or clear bra providing the ultimate protection against damage from the sun and
other road debris, film protections offer a high level of durability with little to no maintenance. Automotive paint protection has a lifespan of seven years on average as it is semi-permanent. Similar to window tint, Xpel clear bra does not require any specific maintenance. You can wax and clean paint protection film just like normal. Also, you can easily replace paint protection when the time comes.

Paint Protection film also improves appearance

No matter how great a paint protection film may be for safeguarding your vehicle against sun or driving damage, it is not worth the investment if the appearance of your car does not remain intact. No need to worry, the clear make-up of a clear bra will preserve the appearance and sheen of your car. Clear bra does not crack or peel, nor will it degrade from sun exposure for up to seven years. However, professional installation is recommended to guarantee the best look for your specific car.Clear bra final product.

Make the smart choice, ensure your car is protected from everyday hazards by choosing Xpel. No other paint protection product provides the same level of safety for your car’s exterior. No other protection provides a seamless look without the need to keep up with grueling maintenance each year. For more information about Xpel paint protection or clear bra options for your vehicle, contact us today.

August 20, 2012 1:41 pm

The roads in Northern Nevada can be–and usually are–treacherous for the life of your car’s paint. It doesn’t seem to matter where you go there is always something. Road-construction projects between Reno and Carson City this summer saw enough gravel trucks slinging pebbles out the back of their beds to scratch and ding more than a few paint jobs. Those select cars with a paint protection film were lucky enough to avoid any costly damage.

Invisible paint protection film is a product that has been used for years by the military and NASCAR. It’s designed to place a urethane plastic film between your paint and anything that comes flying your car’s direction. With options of up to 8 millimeters in thickness, invisible paint protection film can fend off many of the hazards found on our local highways. Even salted Lake Tahoe roads pose no danger to your paint because our products are guaranteed to withstand the elements without cracking, peeling or turning yellow for seven years; that’s longer than most people keep their cars.

At TSA Custom Car and Truck we know that when you’re shopping for car and truck accessories, you want the options that fit your needs the best … and you want it done right the first time. This is why we offer two different brands to choose from:

  • Our LLumar product has industry leading optical clarity and can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as: hoods, mirrors, fenders, door handles, bumpers, you name it.
  • With its signature self-healing technology, Xpel is another great option in providing protection for leading edge surfaces.

Both of these manufacturers use computer-generated, precision-cut film that will match your vehicle’s intricate features exactly, eliminating any error in the way the film fits onto the surfaces. Plus, with our expert team on the job, you can be sure that your vehicle is in the best hands for this type of project.

Whether it be the brand new car you bought or the custom paint job you just had done, invisible paint protection film provides the ultimate shield against the elements. It will give your paint a high gloss shine that will look completely natural, molding to the paint surface so smoothly you won’t even be able to tell it’s there. As a Northern Nevada business, serving Carson City, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Sparks, Minden, GardnerVille and more, we know all about the fun little surprises Northern Nevada highways have in store for motorists. This is why we offer this product, as we believe it is the best way to protect your investment for years to come.

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