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November 17, 2017 7:03 pm

You may be overwhelmed by the number of camper shells out there. With all the kinds of models out there, trying to whittle down the options is time-consuming and difficult. TSA Custom Car and Truck has compiled a list of different A.R.E. camper shells and their distinct features.

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Want more space? The TW series is the option for you.

tw camper shell

The TW series offers the most capacity out of any kind of simple shell. The extra space provided by the TW series creates the perfect space for storage and hauling. Speaking of hauling, the TW’s aerodynamically-sloped roof directs airflow over any trailer, camper, or boat, which reduces drag and makes hauling easier.


The ToolMaster camper shells are the ultimate tool for the job

toolmaster camper shell

Complete with a fiberglass shell, the ToolMaster Series is the perfect companion for any job. The shell’s side cabinets keep finding that perfect socket wrench from becoming harder than the job itself. Furthermore, the heavy-duty cabinet doors will keep your tools protected from the weathering and dust of your travels. The ToolMaster Series also features a stylish commercial-grade ladder rack that’ll support you just as much as the ladder itself.


Durability and security – the DCU Series

dcu camper shell

The ultimate combination of durability and security, the DCU series features 3 different thicknesses of of aluminum skin (.035, .063, and .063 diamond-plated). Also, DCU Series shells are built around a welded construction frame that creates a rugged, yet durable camper. And unlike other camper shells, the DCU Series are locked with BOLT One-Key technology, giving you the safest way to store your belongings.

You may be looking for more convenience out of your camper shell. Why not? After all, more convenience is always better. Unique to the DCU Series, the Diamond Edition DCU features full-length side doors that easily allow you to load and unload anything you want from your truck.

dcu camper shell

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September 8, 2015 5:27 pm

Tonneau cover for truckOwning a truck often comes with a great deal of pride, but it can be costly when your vehicle’s bed is not fully protected. While there are different schools of thought on how to best protect the most beneficial tool built in to your truck, a cover for truck bed protection is a recommended. Reno truck accessories and truck bed covers, such as tonneau covers, are a common addition to owners’ truck bed accessories, whether they come in the form of a soft tonneau cover or a hard tonneau cover. Based on the following truck bed cover benefits, purchasing a cover for truck bed protection is a smart investment.


A truck bed cover like a truck tonneau provides the greatest value in protecting items that would otherwise be left out in the open. As a truck owner, using your truck bed as a hauling tool is an important part of ownership. Unfortunately, leaving items in the bed of your truck leaves you vulnerable to theft. Exposed toolboxes, materials, equipment or other valuable items can be taken from the bed of your truck at any time. If you are in the Reno, Tahoe, and Carson City areas, truck accessories such as tonneau covers can eliminate the threat of theft. Many truck tonneau selections even come with locks for added security.

Gas Mileage

Tonneau covers also provide the benefit of enhanced gas mileage for truck owners. Securing a soft or hard tonneau cover to your truck bed provides a more streamline, aerodynamic structure to your vehicle. Truck tonneau covers provide for a reduction in air drag as you drive, effectively increasing your gas mileage. On average, savings from installing truck tonneau covers range from 5 to 10%.

WeatherTonneau Cover on White Truck Protection

One of the biggest concerns for truck owners is the potential for damage caused by the elements. Rain, sleet, snow, wind and hail can all wreak havoc on a truck bed and can cause extensive damage to the bed itself. Tonneau covers prevent these elements from taking a toll on your vehicle or the items in the bed. Additionally, tonneau covers also protect anything you are hauling from the elements as well.

Added Value

Pickup truck bed covers such as a tonneau cover also add value to your vehicle. The benefits listed above help maintain your truck over the long term. Furthermore, these benefits will help sustain resale value throughout the duration of ownership. Similarly, tonneau covers also keep out moisture and rust, reducing the potential for damage to take place on the bed of the truck. Each of these aspects help truck owners retain value in their vehicles.

While a truck tonneau may not appeal to everyone, they can be a smart investment for truck owners. Truck bed covers come in a variety of selections for just about any truck bed, and they can be rolled, folded or bent back to easily access items stored in the bed.

If you are thinking about your need for Reno truck bed accessories or trying to determine which tonneau cover is appropriate for your truck, contact us as TSA Custom Car and Truck today.

December 6, 2013 12:10 am

Truck Bed Covers are the Perfect Addition to your Truck

tundra1Combining functionality with style, our manufacturers know how to make easy to use, gas-saving truck bed covers with eye spinning high and low profile designs. There is no single method for making great looking tonneau covers. Luckily, TSA Custom Car and Truck is committed to providing the best options for truck bed covers in Northern Nevada. This is why we only have great manufactures like Retrax, Pace Edwards and ATC Truck Covers. Their visions for quality and value are reflective of our dedication to providing our customers with products they’ll love.

Find Flexibility in Retractable Covers

Pace Edwards and Retrax both offer a variety of well-made, highly durable retractable tonneau covers. Their covers require no drilling in the bed or side rails of your truck. You don’t have to sacrifice the integrity of your truck in order to have a great bed cover. These retractable covers are low profile, sturdy products. Both manufactures offer options for full metal surfaces that are strong enough for your heaviest worker to stand on them.

The best part about retractable covers is their convenience. They come with electric motors, spring assists or ball-bearing construction, depending on your preference, making them easy to roll up and pull out. With the electric motor, this process is as easy as pushing a button. Even the spring-assist and ball-bearing options provide an ease of use so fluid that you’ll be able to roll up and pull out the covers with one hand. You’ll never find yourself yanking on straps in order to get something out of the bed of your truck.

Armor Up with ATC Fiberglass Covers

We know our customers want options, which is why we are the premier vendor for ATC Covers in Northern Nevada. ATC Covers are fiberglass truck lids that are easy to install, look great and come with a lifetime warranty. They have four different styles to choose from: the clean and simple “Classic,” the sporty “Platinum,” the high-profile “Wrap,” and the fast installing, lightweight “VIP”. Each are designed with reliable security and sleek aerodynamic features. ATC Truck Covers is the choice for premium fiberglass truck lids at affordable prices. It won’t even require taking out a second mortgage.

At TSA, we make it our priority to find the bed cover that is going to leave you walking out our doors ecstatic about the product you purchased. We know that in order to do this we have to have the options that look great, perform great and meet your budget. With the variety of bed covers we have to choose from and our budget-friendly service, we feel confident that your visit to TSA Custom Car and Truck will exceed your expectations.


ATC Truck Cover Pictured

December 30, 2012 11:34 pm

At TSA Custom Car and Truck, we have the tools, the know-how and the products to turn an average truck into a customized, asphalt-ripping machine. Camper shells are not just for weekend excursions anymore. They provide options that an open bed truck simply does not have. Whether you are looking to make your truck look slick, increase storage, improve work efficiency or all the above, TSA Custom Car and Truck is your premier choice for camper shell installation in Reno and Carson City.

Our favorite camper shell…

We have a variety of products to choose from. One of our featured brands, A.R.E. Truck Caps & Camper Shells, is not only the largest single brand manufacturer of truck caps and hard tonneau covers in the U.S.A, they are the only ISO certified truck cap manufacturer in America. They’ve been manufacturing camper shells since 1969 and have a strong understanding of how to make a quality product.

Other Camper Shell Manufactures

However, we make it our priority to ensure that our customers have several options to choose from. This is why we also offer products from Century Fiberglass and ATC Truck Covers. These manufacturers have great reputations and their products speak for themselves. They have a selection of different models to choose from so that your truck can have the look and features you crave, no exceptions.

For contractors, service industries and recreational users, Tradesman Camper Shells builds products that are tailored specifically to the user’s needs. Tradesman is the epitome of functionality and efficiency; their camper shells feature heavy gauge aluminum construction and roof racks that are ideal for intense work environments. They are a work truck’s dream.

We are here to help in all aspects of finding the right camper shell for you.

Installing camper shells seems like a no brainer, but we can ensure that your product is installed properly to reduce bed rattle and long-term wear and tear. Our dedicated employees are skilled in their craft and know all the tricks to guarantee a quality result. If you want it done right, camper shell installation is not a do-it-yourself job. TSA Custom Car and Truck is your best option for quality camper shell installation in Northern Nevada.

At TSA, we take pride in our stock of some of the best camper shell products on the market. Why not take a look?

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