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Spring is a great time to get on four wheels and explore the Sierras with your custom Jeep. What? You’re still driving a stock vehicle? If you live in Northern Nevada and a place like Carson City, a custom Jeep is the only way to go. Not only can you rock crawl with precision in the hills, but you can also customize your Jeep to handle mud, late-spring snow, or any type of terrain the Sierras and surrounding valleys can dish up.



Here are a few our favorite custom Jeep add-ons:

Lift Your Jeep

If your buddy is trying to convince you to lift your Jeep yourself, don’t listen to them. Do not attempt to lift your Jeep yourself because this is something an expert should do. Especially with the terrain in Carson City, it can ruin your custom Jeep if it’s not done right. Jeeps have unique suspensions and if they aren’t lifted properly they can succumb to “Death Wobble” (yes, it’s as bad as it sounds) and other problems. If you had your Jeep lifted by someone who wasn’t an expert, we can fix that. You need to drive a custom Jeep with the right lift and suspension, not a hack job. With lifting, be sure to have the right tires and wheels for your amount of lift because they make all the difference in your custom Jeep experience. We have plenty from reliable and respectable brands, so ask our team for our recommendations!

Avoid overloading your vehicle with more than it can handle because it’s not only illegal, but also makes your truck’s suspension stressed and worn down in a shorter amount of time.

Give it More Horsepower

Towing and all-terrain driving is always easier when you have a few more horses under the hood. Power up your custom Jeep with more horsepower with turbocharger and exhaust upgrades or an enhanced diesel fuel injector. 

Even some diesel fuel additives will aid the cause of getting more power for your drive time. If you have a diesel, you already have a lot of potential in your custom Jeep. Adding on more horsepower is easy and will add more oomph to your experience. Pair them with custom towing accessories and you’ll be able to haul anything while avoiding overloading. 

Make it Shine

After the dirt, mud, and snow, you may still want to shine up your custom Jeep for a night out in Carson City. Make that baby show and shine with paint protection. Paint protection will help your vehicle clean up nicely. Add some custom lighting to the exterior and interior to make your custom Jeep stand out in a crowd. 

It’s also the perfect time to consider camper shells for any outdoor summer excursions you might want to explore overnight in. Click here and learn about our camper shells in our previous blog! 

Be Seen By Other Drivers

Custom off-road lights are necessary, so why don’t you enjoy the road, dirt, or pavements with trusted and durable brands like PIAA or Rigid. Our team trusts that you’ll be able to hit the dirt any time of day, all while your Jeep looks sleek and right at home in the mud.

Get Comfortable

Aftermarket accessories inside your custom Jeep make for a sweet and comfortable ride. You can outfit your Jeep to be or do just about anything you want this summer thanks to our custom car shop

Flip through some catalogs for inspiration, scroll online through social media, or check out our website. Once you have an idea in mind, just leave the hard work and expertise to us. We’ll make your custom Jeep just the way you want it at TSA Custom Car & Truck.

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