Changing the tires and wheels on your car, truck, or Jeep to aftermarket selections comes with a number of advantages. The process, however, can be a daunting one. There are a number of factors to consider to ensure your upgrade is the best choice for you. To start, it is important to understand what information is necessary when choosing from all the tires and wheels Carson City stores have to offer.

Considerations for Custom Wheels

When thinking about upgrading to custom wheels and custom accessories for trucks and cars, the first aspect to consider is the purpose of the change. Are you trying to enhance the overall aesthetic of your vehicle, or are you hoping to improve the driving performance? Each of these underlying reasons for changing to aftermarket wheels will help you focus your end selection and make the most appropriate choice for your vehicle needs. In addition to honing in on your best options for custom wheels and tires, there are critical considerations regarding fit. The most important consideration includes your vehicle’s lug bolt pattern, width, and diameter, backspacing, offset and pricing.

Lug bolt pattern

Each vehicle will have a different lug bolt pattern, which is simply the position and number of bolts that attach your wheel. The owner’s manual provides this information, but TSA has access to an extensive database that stores this information as well. It is necessary to have this information to make sure your custom wheels are a perfect fit.

tires and wheels carson city, custom wheels carson cityWidth/Diameter

The factory width for your vehicle is also available in the owner’s manual but will depend on the design of vehicle’s suspension. If you are buying custom car wheels but keeping your original tires, simply select aftermarket wheels that are the same as the factory width.

Find the Perfect Fit

If you are upgrading to custom wheels and tires, you will need to know how much extra space is available to ensure a smooth fit. In addition to width, the wheel’s diameter is an important metric to understand. In essence, this measurement tells you just how big your custom tires and wheels can be. Newer cars often have greater diameter measurements, while older vehicles tend to be smaller.


The distance between a wheel hub and the inner edge of the wheel is known as backspacing. The majority of cars, trucks, and jeeps have excess backspacing which allows for bigger aftermarket tires and aftermarket wheels. Ensure the backspacing on your vehicle is large enough to accommodate your upgrade, especially with custom car wheels.


Measuring offset may be one of the most confusing components of planning for custom wheels and tires. Offset is the distance between the center of the wheel (when looking at it from above) and the section of the wheel that sits against the hub.


The greatest consideration in shopping for custom tires and wheels for most owners is the price. Like other purchases, you get what you pay for with custom car wheels, custom Jeep wheels, and custom truck wheels. There are a number of luxury wheels that stay within a tight budget, while other options can be quite pricey. It helps to set a limit for yourself prior to visiting a retailer. Know that custom wheels and tires are an investment in your vehicle.

Benefits of Custom Wheels and Tires

Custom wheels and tires make your vehicle stand out from the pack. Custom wheels and tires easily upgrade the overall aesthetic to match your unique preferences or needs. In addition to enhancing appearance, aftermarket wheels and tires can have a major impact on your vehicle’s performance on the road. Often, custom tires are lighter than factory options, which can boost your engine’s performance over the long haul. Similarly, custom wheels are often stronger than factory models, making for a sturdy, durable vehicle.

Premier Carson City Tires and Wheels

Whether you are considering a simple upgrade for your vehicle or are seeking out expertise in the luxury wheels market, our experienced team at TSA Custom Car and Truck can assist you with measurements and final selections in custom accessories for trucks. Contact us for a consultation, installation, or purchase of the best tires and wheels in Carson City.


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