Grill Guards: Why your truck or SUV needs this aftermarket accessory.

What is a grill guard?

Grill guards are a customized aftermarket accessory that protects your vehicle’s grill, headlights, bumper and even the undercarriage.

Are there different types of guards?

There are full guards that protect the entire front-end of your vehicle, mounting to the frame with uprights and brush guards spanning out to the sides. These full guards allow for additional accessories to be attached like headlights and winches.

There are also center guards that only have the main uprights mounted to the frame. Bull guards are smaller, more subtle, bar guard that protects mainly the bumper and some of your grill.

Many of these guards also come with skid plate options. These are mounted to the undercarriage of your vehicle to protect from rocks and debris that pass under your bumper.

Why should you get one?

grill guardsFunctionality: If you use your vehicle in rough terrain guards will protect from scratches, bumps, and impact. These guards also enable those aftermarket spotlights to be mounted front and center for better visibility at night. Whether working construction, farming, or climbing boulders for fun these guards are a necessity to avoid and protect your baby from those everyday encounters.

The Look: Your truck or SUV already has the beefed up tires and rims, suspension-kit, and maybe even exhaust. These guards top of the whole package for an extra mean looking vehicle.

At TSA we also have custom grills that will add that personalized finishing touch to your vehicle. These allow for the same functionality of any grill but gets rid of that “stock” look.

Your truck and/or SUV won’t look like anyone else’s.

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