Grill GuardsIf you’re looking for an aftermarket addition to your truck or SUV a grill guard is a great balance of style and functionality. A good grill guard can protect the body of your vehicle from debris, accidents, and normal wear and tear especially if you drive offroad often.

What is a Grill Guard?

Grill guards are a customized cage-like aftermarket accessory that protects your vehicle’s grille, headlights, bumper, and even the undercarriage. They are attached to the front bumper by specific factory set mounting locations that serve as an extra layer of protection. They are also commonly referred to in different areas as brush guards, cattle guards, and bull bars.

Are There Different Types of Guards?

Grill guards come in a few different styles, but you can also customize a guard for your vehicle’s specific needs or to your preference.

Some full guards protect the entire front-end of your vehicle that are mounted to the frame with uprights and brush guards spanning out to the sides. These full guards allow for additional accessories to be attached like headlights and winches.

There are also center guards, or bull guards, that only have the main uprights mounted to the frame. Bull guards are smaller, more subtle, guards that protect the bumper and some of your grill.

Many of these guards also come with skid plate options. These are mounted to the undercarriage of your vehicle to protect critical components from rocks and debris that pass under your bumper.

Grill GuardsWhy You Should Get One

Functionality: If you use your vehicle in rough terrain guards will protect from scratches, bumps, and impact. These guards also enable other aftermarket additions like tow wenches and spotlights to be installed easier. Whether working construction, farming, or climbing boulders for fun these guards are a necessity to avoid and protect your vehicle from those everyday encounters.

Aesthetic: Chances are if you’re looking into a grill guard you already have some other aftermarket additions. A grill guard can complete that rugged, off-road style while adding a new piece of functionality to your vehicle.

Accident protection: In low-speed fender benders a guard can moderately protect your bumper, headlights, and grill from damage. They can also prevent major structural damage to the frame in the event of a low impact collision with another car, animal, tree, or rock if you are off-road.

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