If you’re looking to ditch your truck’s OEM factory headlights, you may be overwhelmed by the number of different custom truck headlights and accessories to choose from.

Generally, custom headlights are grouped into 3 main groups: Euro-style, Halo-style and Projector-style. Unfortunately, there can be confusion between what a custom headlight is referred to as. For example, just because a headlight is one kind does not necessarily mean it doesn’t have the features of another. A Halo styled headlight can also have LED bulbs or projector lights.

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Which Custom Truck Headlights Are Right for You?

Ultimately, your choice in headlight comes down to your own personal preferences in custom accessories for trucks. What you may find stylish may not be what others find stylish. With so many custom options it can be overwhelming. You can always come into TSA Custom Car and Truck or contact us! Our staff will help you narrow down the list of the right lights for you!

To help you understand the variety of custom headlights, we’ve explained the basics of the main groups below. Remember that features can crossover from headlight groups, so if you like aspects of 2 or more groups then there is a custom headlight out there that fits the bill.

Euro Headlights

A “Euro” style headlight refers to a style of a housing of headlights. Euro headlights have been around since the ’50s, but they entered the U.S. in the ’80s, where they grew to become fairly common. In their original inception, Euro-style headlights were nothing more than a basic flush covering of glass over the bulbs. Now, Euro headlights have become more complex. Many feature high-tech compositions and have ditched the 90’s frosted glass look with clear glass.

Unlike typical factory headlight housing, which is bland and simple, Euro headlights can feature stylish arrangements of lights, reflectors, and multi-faceted mirrors, all inside a black or chrome base. Some custom Euro headlights can also have a “smoked” lenses, which creates a more tinted (but also potential illegal) headlight.

Euro style headlights can also feature any number of bulbs, such as LED, Halogen, or HID bulbs. Some can even have halo lights.

Halo Headlights

Over the last several years “halo” headlights have risen in popularity. And why wouldn’t they? These stylish and sleek custom lights add a certain modern sharpness to the entire vehicle.

To break it down, halo lights feature rings of light circled around a headlamp bulb. The halo ring bulbs can use simple incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, or even CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting tubes), though incandescent bulbs usually lead to inconsistent illumination from the entire ring.

With multiple halo lights and a little wiring, you can customize how and when your halo lights illuminate. Single or multiple lights can turn on for headlights, running lights, turn signals, or even parking lights.

It’s important to note that most halo light assemblies also feature projector headlights as well, but will almost always be referred to as halo headlights when together.

Halo lights don’t only come in a perfectly circular pattern.

Projector Headlights

Around the same time Euro headlights started receiving some visual tweaks, many manufacturers were experimenting with multi-faceted projector beam bulbs. Projector bulbs use an elliptical reflector to focus the light towards a single focal point rather than scattering light in all directions. Furthermore, they are built to aim light more rightward and away from oncoming drivers. Essentially, projector lights offer a more focused beam of light than OEM lights.

With the upgrade in technology comes a decrease in the overall size of the bulb itself. This means that the actual bulb takes up less space in the overall headlight assembly, freeing up room for more artistic headlight designs.

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Carson City Truck Accessories

Finding the perfect truck accessories doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little bit of research and time, you can find the perfect option for your vehicle. For more questions about the custom truck headlights or other custom truck accessories we have to offer, contact TSA Custom Car and Truck.