Reno clear bra.Paint protection film, also known as clear bra, provides year-around automotive paint protection as an alternative to otherwise bulky, visible front-end protection products. Instead of utilizing vinyl as a material to save your vehicle from unavoidable damage, paint protection film like the clear bra is an invisible shield for your vehicle that is constantly secured and does not alter the overall appearance of your car. Investing in a product like Xpel clear bra or other car paint protection keeps your car free from a number of natural mishaps on the road, including:

• Unavailable abrasions
• Nicks and dents from other drivers or small road debris
• Scratches from insects
• Salt and sand during winter seasons
• Damage from the sun during the spring or summer

Paint Protection shields your car

Residents in Reno may love the warm weather and sun-filled days experienced throughout the majority of the year, but keeping your vehicle safe from the damaging sun can be a challenge. Xpel protection film provides a smart solution to keep your vehicle protected from sun damage throughout the year. Because Xpel clear bra is an ultra-thin urethane plastic that utilizes a clear-coat finish, your paint color is able to shine through without being affected by the sun’s damaging rays.

Improve your car’s maintenance and durability

In addition to Xpel paint protection or clear bra providing the ultimate protection against damage from the sun and
other road debris, film protections offer a high level of durability with little to no maintenance. Automotive paint protection has a lifespan of seven years on average as it is semi-permanent. Similar to window tint, Xpel clear bra does not require any specific maintenance. You can wax and clean paint protection film just like normal. Also, you can easily replace paint protection when the time comes.

Paint Protection film also improves appearance

No matter how great a paint protection film may be for safeguarding your vehicle against sun or driving damage, it is not worth the investment if the appearance of your car does not remain intact. No need to worry, the clear make-up of a clear bra will preserve the appearance and sheen of your car. The clear bra does not crack or peel, nor will it degrade from sun exposure for up to seven years. However, professional installation is recommended to guarantee the best look for your specific car.Clear bra final product.

Make the smart choice, ensure your car is protected from everyday hazards by choosing Xpel. No other paint protection product provides the same level of safety for your car’s exterior. No other protection provides a seamless look without the need to keep up with grueling maintenance each year. For more information about Xpel paint protection or clear bra options for your vehicle, contact us today.