Hitches first started as an accessory purely for those who pull trailers and have since been adopted by nearly everyone with a vehicle. On the market today, there are hitches for every situation, which makes finding the right one for your needs fairly difficult. Luckily, TSA Custom Car & Truck is here with a list of the different types of Carson City hitches and the jobs they perform for custom campers. While this list may not cover all the hitches out there, it highlights some of the most frequently used types on the market, especially if you’re looking to take a summer road trip soon. Knowing about the best hitch for your system can help you embark on your spring travels and stay ahead of the summertime rush.

A van with a small trailer at the back of it.

Rear Receiver Hitch

The most common and easily recognizable hitch is the rear receiver hitch. Although most commonly used to tow trailers, the rear receiver hitch has a wide range of applications, thanks to its square receiver tube. A wide variety of things can be inserted into a rear receiver hitch, making it one of the most versatile truck accessories.  

Generally, a rear receiver hitch lands on a 5-class scale system, from 1 being light-duty to 5 being super heavy duty. The receiver tube can come in 3 primary sizes: 11/4” x 11/4”, 2” x 2”, or 21/2” x 21/2”. Usually, a hitch’s class goes up along with the size of the receiver tube, although in some cases this is not true, so always do a double check to be safe.

Front Mount Hitch

Much like a rear hitch, a front mount hitch bolts to the frame of the vehicle. You can use a front mount winch for a variety of applications. With a front mount hitch, you can insert a winch, hook up a snow plow, reverse park a trailer, or insert a cargo carrier.

Front mount hitches do not use the same rating scale, so check to make sure your hitch is rated for the appropriate task you’ll be using it for.

5th Wheel Hitch

A 5th wheel hitch is used to pull large campers, trailers and car haulers. Unlike the previous hitches, a 5th wheel hitch mounts to the bed of a truck over the rear axle. Furthermore, the coupling device is attached to the hitch and not the object you’re pulling. You attach the kingpin from your trailer to the hitch and secure it with the hitch’s jaw.

A major feature of most 5th wheel hitches is their pivot mechanism, allowing your haul to contour with the road and absorb bumps better. This makes driving to your summer camping destination much easier, no matter the distance!

Gooseneck Hitch

The gooseneck hitch is a less intrusive version of the 5th wheel hitch. It still mounts to the bed of the pickup truck but takes up significantly less space, giving you full use of your bed. Typically, a gooseneck hitch is used for towing livestock, on larger flatbeds, or both commercial and industrial trailers.

Pintle Hitch

The pintle hitch’s hooking system consists of two parts – the pintle and the lunette. The pintle is attached to the vehicle either directly to the frame or to a mount that slides into a receiver hitch. The lunette is a ring that is attached to whatever you are hauling. These hitches gain pretty good weight ratings at the expense of being a bit noisier.

You’ll commonly find pintle hitches used for construction but can be found frequently at custom car shops as well.  

Bumper Hitch

A bumper hitch is a simple attachment that provides a square receiver tube for a vehicle. As the hitch is directly attached it can’t pull much weight, so it’s useful for lighter and quicker jobs.

Weight Distribution Hitch

A weight distribution hitch does just that: distribute weight. These types of hitches spread weight that is usually consolidated on the tongue across your whole vehicle and what you’re hauling, making them one of the most useful truck accessories to hitch to camping RVs. Long rods called “spring rods” in the hitch move the weight across the whole vehicle, allowing for easier steering of your larger camping rig.

Best Reno Trailer Hitch Installation

TSA Custom Car & Truck carries all the top hitches in the Northern Nevada area. Before you start hitting the outdoors this summer, contact us today for the best Reno trailer hitch installation and custom truck parts. Ready to finally make that upgrade on your vehicle too? We can also help you find the custom truck accessories that will make your truck stand out amongst the rest!


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