The passion that folks have for exploring the unknown while enjoying the great outdoors has led to a new type of activity called adventure travel. Adventure travel has become increasingly popular across the globe and is actually one of the fastest-growing global niches of our time. As Reno locals, one of our favorite types of adventure travel to take part in is Overlanding. Overlanding involves vehicle-based expeditions that take you to uncharted territory for a nature experience unlike any other you’ve experienced before. 

With all the custom van accessories, camper shells, and trailers available at TSA Custom Car and Truck, you too can be a true overlander. Learn more below about Overlanding below. 

Jeep overlanding

What is Overlanding?

Overlanding is defined as a type of “self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal.” Oftentimes, travelers will choose a mechanized sort of transport capable of going off-road and lodging is often done in the form of camping. The best vehicles to Overland consist of trucks and vans which are easily modified with truck and van accessories to provide everything you need throughout your journey. Most overlanders sleep in the cargo area of their vehicle or in a camper shell/tent placed on top of their vehicle. 

While this type of travel is similar to camping and off-roading, there are some key differences to note. Unlike your typical camping trip or off-roading adventure, Overlanding involves long-distance travel to remote locations that can be quite rough. Some travelers even span international boundaries to seek the most secluded landscapes. Having to go across all types of terrain from boulder crawling and driving up mountains to wading through high waters and thick mud, you need to be adventurous, self-reliant, and endurant to Overland.

What Makes Overlanding Different From Other Types of Adventure Travel?Overland Vehicle Systems

There are other common types of adventure travel that nature enthusiasts enjoy such as car camping and backpacking, but they still don’t provide the same experience as Overlanding. There are four key features that define Overlanding specifically which include: 

  • Traveling to a remote location
  • Experiencing a culture unlike your own 
  • Visiting under-explored or under-documented regions 
  • Being self-reliant on the road for extended periods of time 

To have a successful and safe Overlanding experience, detailed planning is necessary. The purpose of your expedition is to explore, but before you can do this, you should first figure out the logistics of the trip. Be sure to have all of the following planned in advance of your Overland experience:

  • Determine the approximate duration of your trip (Usually between a few days and many years)
  • Figure out the environmental, geographic, and geological contingencies of your trip
  • Map out your navigation route
  • Decide what type of lodging you will do
  • Establish a meal and food storage plan

How to Get Started on Your Overlanding Adventure 

Before taking off on your Overlanding adventure, you need the proper equipment and tools to bear the great outdoors. Think of your rig as a means to an end. Essentially, it’s a tool to help you safely reach your destination so that you can enjoy your explorations. 

Since you’re going to be on the road for an extended period of time and away from most of civilization during your travels, it’s crucial that you properly prepare for your trip. Not only will this help keep you safe, but it also makes your journey more comfortable. Your rig should include:

  • Vehicle equipment such as additional storage, a hi-lift jack, winch, air compressor, generator, tool kit, extra fuel stored in jerry cans, portable battery chargers, and more.
  • Navigation and communication tools such as a high-powered GPS system, satellite radio, and walkie-talkies.
  • Cooking essentials including a portable refrigerator/freezer, portable stove/grill, and accompanying supplies like utensils. 
  • Camping gear that includes tents, trailers, custom camper shells, and plenty of blankets.
  • Safety supplies such as a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and portable flashlights.

Overlanding with TSA Custom Car and Truck 

Whether you’re taking your 4×4 through the mountains or some remote backcountry, it’s crucial that you have all the truck accessories, camping gear, and safety supplies you need to embark on your next excursion. TSA Custom Car & Truck carries everything you need for your next camping, off-roading, or hunting trip, with a variety of custom pickup toppers and van accessories from the brands A.R.B., Overland Vehicle Systems, and Smittybilt.

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