Wobble, Baby!

Whether you have been a dedicated Jeep owner for years or are new to Jeep ownership, hearing the term “Jeep Death Wobble” probably makes you cringe. As a mechanical issue that is unique to this type of vehicle, Jeep death wobble, also known as Jeep wobble or Jeep shaking, is a common occurrence that causes owners a great deal of concern. Before understanding how to fix the death wobble Jeep issues, it is necessary to know exactly what the Jeep wobble is.

What is Death Wobble?

Jeep death wobble is a common condition that can be caused by a wide range of issues in a lightweight, solid front axle truck such like a Jeep, and commonly starts abruptly when a driver hits a hole, bump or other obstruction in the road when speeds are in excess of 40 miles per hour. The Jeep death wobble can be described as the

severe vibration in the front end of the vehicle that can cause the vehicle to shimmy and shake. Jeep wobble is alarming to drivers and can be the result of a serious problem that needs to be addressed. If a professional does not evaluate Jeep wobble soon after it begins, it may cause long-lasting damage.

How to Fix Death Wobble Jeep

Most drivers who experience Jeep wobble will want to know the cause and how to fix death wobble immediately. Unfortunately, there are a handful of reasons that can cause Jeep death wobble, and each may be difficult to diagnose on your own.

Necessary Alignment

Jeep wobble can be the result of not getting your alignment checked for an extended period of time. It can also be from unbalanced tires. Both of these issues may require a trip to the mechanic to cease the Jeep wobble. Luckily, these are fairly easy to correct with the help of a mechanic. The condition may also be a result of worn ball joints. Bad joints create a situation where the wheel moves laterally and not in tune with the opposite wheel. If these have not been replaced in some time, Jeep death wobble could be the
unfortunate result. Again, a trip to TSA Custom Car and Truck will be a simple fix.

Loose Steeringjeep death wobble

Finally, a loose steering wheel stabilizer bar can lead to Jeep death wobble as well. Your best will be a mechanic to fix the shaking. These issues may arise, but it’s nothing an experienced mechanic can’t handle. We can determine how to fix wobble in your Jeep and keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

If you are experiencing Jeep wobble and are unsure of the cause, let TSA Custom Car & Truck help get your Jeep back to optimal health and driving safely!

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