What will work best for your vehicle this winter?

It’s that time of the season: snow is falling, creating a beautiful scene of glistening white; a lovely sight to see, but a potential nightmare on the road. Important precautions can keep you in control of your vehicle, taking away the stress from your daily commute. Whether you are traveling to work or a family gathering, TSA is here to make sure you are prepared for whatever the winter brings you.

Here is our input on the ultimate debate… Snow tires or snow chains? Each has a purpose and a time; we are here to help you decide which is right for you and your vehicle.

Snow Tires

The tread designs of snow tires allow your vehicle to securely grip the road, even when you encounter ice. There are several advantages to having a 4-wheel drive with snow tires. Mechanics at TSA can install the proper size and type of tires onto your vehicle, taking out the guesswork on your end. In addition to this, snow tires have a versatile, everyday use; they can be used on dry or wet roads, without fear of damage to the road or your vehicle, and without the need to change them out. In fact, these tires can be used during all seasons of the year with virtually no downsides.

Snow Chains

Snow chains can be applied upon need in a matter of minutes. They too reduce traction and increase safety, making them an inexpensive and effective alternative to snow tires. It is useful to have snow chains always stored in your vehicle during the winter months, available upon need. However, there are several downsides to snow chains. Installation may only take a few minutes, but this allotment can eat away at your time, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. In addition to this, snow chains are often required by law enforcement on top of freezing summits in blizzard-like conditions- making application highly uncomfortable.

Snow Tires or Snow Chains? Our Consensus?

Snow tires are a solid investment for anyone that lives in a region like Carson City that is prone to abrupt weather changes. Tire installation enables drivers to avoid spending time and energy applying snow chains and then stopping to remove them. Recent advances in tire technology have created the ideal tire that is useful anytime and anywhere. Always follow proper tire care, such as monitoring air pressure, alignment, and rotation, and you should be delighted to find the long-term value in your investment.

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