In our previous post, we talked about the benefits a custom cold air intake could bring to the performance of your vehicle. However, the most common upgrade many people like to purchase first is the exhaust. There are few things more instantly gratifying than the rumble of a new catback; it literally screams power. But while the sound is great, there are more benefits than just what can be heard.

carson city exhaust power

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An expertly installed exhaust system does wonders for virtually any vehicle. From pavement shredders to mud throwers, gas or diesel, custom exhaust allows your vehicle to breathe more freely. If an intake system is the inhale, the exhaust is the exhale. You wouldn’t want to run a race trying to breathe through a straw; the same goes for your engine. By upgrading both exhaust and intake, you are effectively creating a breathing strategy for your engine.

Yet, as tempting as it may be to tack on the biggest, loudest system available, this may not be best. Your engine requires a certain amount of backpressure in order to perform correctly. By eliminating this backpressure you are seriously inhibiting the performance of the vehicle. To achieve maximum results, consulting with a professional can make all the difference. At TSA Custom Car & Truck, our technicians are expertly trained to select the parts that will provide the greatest boost in horsepower for your ride.

As a Magnaflow dealer, TSA Custom Car & Truck is the best performance shop in Carson City. Our experience has shown that the Magnaflow product is one of the best on the market. They have options that are perfectly tailored to have your gas or diesel screaming with power. They even provide kits made exclusively for the off-road market. There is no vehicle that we cannot equip with a performance, dyno-proven exhaust system.

If you are ready to tear the rubber off your tires, there is no better place to come than TSA Custom Car & Truck. Our expert staff will have your vehicle doing things you never imagined possible. With an effective breathing strategy, your car or truck will be operating at peak performance. Our doors are open, toolboxes in position and lifts are greased, so what are you waiting for?

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