Bad Window Tint = Purple Windows and Nosey Stoplight Encounters

Window tinting carson cityDriving around town, we’ve all seen the vehicles with makeshift window tint jobs. The improvised jobs can’t be missed, as they destroy the aesthetic value of the vehicle. At TSA Custom Car & Truck we understand that applying window tint is a practice that takes a great deal of precision, the right tools, and a perfected technique. Combine this all with the best film on the market, and customers leave our shop with the highest quality window tint installation in northern Nevada.

Since we put an unparalleled focus on quality, we only use Llumar film for our projects; we strongly believe it’s the best in the business. Llumar film is guaranteed to NEVER turn purple, unlike those cheap films you find at the neighborhood parts store. The high-quality film can reduce the temperature inside your car more effectively than other brands (by nearly 30°F). Plus, Llumar window tinting outlasts most other brands, and there will be absolutely no unsightly bubbling or peeling. Instead, you will have an enduring, attractive tint that will last for years to come.

Avoid the awkward encounters.

Ever pull up to a stoplight and have the driver next to you decide that the most entertaining thing in the world was to stare relentlessly into a window. Well, we have a cure for that. Our film comes in a variety of different colors and shades that will ensure your privacy and force that nosey driver to find something better to do with his time. We will also customize the shade for your car, allowing for as much as 90% decreases in a glare so you can leave those sunglasses at home.

There are people who prefer to go down to a local auto parts store and buy window tint to install at home. And those people are easily identified on the highway. Don’t be the guy driving around with purple, faded tint that has creases and light spilling through between seems. Come to TSA Custom Car & Truck for the highest quality film and installation.

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