Spray-On Truck Bed Liners

truck bed linersLeaving the bed of your truck bare is a thing of the past. Modern manufacturers don’t make truck beds as thick as they used to in the days of our hard-working parents. And with thinner metal, there is a higher risk of damage. To protect your investment, TSA Custom Car and Truck offers a variety of the most advanced solutions with our custom accessories for trucks. Your truck will be better equipped for harsh conditions and hardy work environments.

The popularity of spray-on truck bed liners in Northern Nevada has exploded. These products coat every inch of the bed in durable elastomeric polyurethane, polyurea or hybrid solution that will protect it through hard weather and intense working conditions. As the market progresses, these products become more and more advanced. TSA Custom Car and Truck consider it our obligation to offer the best products available, which is why we offer Ultimate Linings, a company with a strong reputation for creating products that will last longer than the competition and can reliably handle the most rigorous environments.

Adding a custom finished look and protection…

Spray-on liners are a permanent solution that is very difficult to remove. Other options that come with more versatility are Pendaliners, Bedrugs and Bedslides. Pendaliners are preformed to fit the bed of a truck from the factory and can withstand more concussion before denting the metal of your truck bed than spray-on liners can. They are made of 100% recyclable material and can easily be removed when the need for them is gone. Bedrug is heavy-duty, weatherproof carpeting for your truck bed. It will never scratch the surface of the bed. When you remove the bedrug, it will leave the surface looking clean and new. Normally not the best option for tough working environments, Bedrugs are an aesthetically pleasing and functional light-duty protection option.

Carry more. Do more.

When your truck faces the toughest of working conditions, the Bedslide is the most convenient and reliable solution. With the Bedslide, your truck will be upgraded to carry more. It is capable of sliding out with up to one ton of cargo on it without bending or damaging the bed of your truck. This heavy-duty option makes the continuous transporting of cumbersome cargo easier on you and your truck.

With one of the best selections of bed liners in Carson City, TSA Custom Car and Truck is certain to have the solution that best fits your needs. We know that while you want your truck looking sharp, it still has to be able to finish the job. Allowing your truck bed to go bare leaves it vulnerable to costly damage and repairs. Whether we have your desired bed liner in stock or need to custom order it, we’ll help you find the liner that will not only provide the best protection for your vehicle but also look good doing it.

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