Van Conversion

Van Conversion

At TSA Custom Car & Truck, we offer van conversion services that will bring your van to the next level. Whether it be storage, towing, or performance, we can make your van suited for whatever project you need. We specialize in modifying work vans such as Ford, Ram, and Chevrolet.


Van Conversion Shelves

Shelves can be a quick and easy way to upgrade your van. A simple set of shelves will let you organize your equipment, parts, and tools to make your next job or project a breeze.
weather guard trailers, hitches, and bulkheads

mobile van shelving organization

Bulkheads and Dividers

A partition, otherwise known as a bulkhead, can be one of the most practical modifications to any work van. Bulkheads provide multiple benefits that will quickly make any job safer and easier.

  • Increases safety by separating equipment and tools from the driver and passengers.
  • Improves organization
  • Reduces noise from shifting tools and parts
  • Helps stabilize the adjustment of temperatures in the cab


A professionally installed van hitch can change the way you use your van. Adding on a trailer hitch will allow you to significantly increase the number of tools and equipment you bring to your next destination. Furthermore, with the added capability to tow a trailer, the number of trips and extra vehicles you take to a job will also decrease, which will, in turn, save you time and money.

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Build Your Custom Van Today

Get started on modifying your vans today! Contact us for more information on how we can help. Are you looking to take your other vehicles to the next level? TSA Custom Car and Truck offers product and car and truck accessories in the Reno, Tahoe, Carson City areas.