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Are you ready to custom fit your Jeep? TSA Custom Car & Truck is the expert in custom Reno Jeeps. We begin by understanding your needs for your vehicle. In order to build the perfect custom Jeeps we need to ask our customers the right questions. We start by asking: “How are you going to use your Jeep?”

By getting to know your customization needs we can create your dream custom Jeep with our variety of car and truck accessories in Carson City, Reno, and Tahoe. Use our experience with car and truck customization and let us guide you in your Jeep transformation.

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Custom Reno Jeeps

If you want a custom Jeep Wrangler, we can help you build it. We work closely with Jeep dealers so we use the best parts for your vehicle.

“We can help you customize your vehicle and create your dream Jeep!”

We aim to provide a durable customized Jeep fit to your specifications. If you are building a rock crawling machine, we can help. If you are building a lifted Jeep for overland adventures or just for the road, we can help with that too.

Understanding the environment in which your custom Jeep Wrangler will be used is crucial to getting you the perfect custom fit.


Lifted Jeeps

custom jeeps reno, truck accessories carson cityLifting your Jeep should only be left to the experts. Many other shops that do lifted Jeeps hastily jump in to the job. This can be disastrous to the longevity of your vehicle. Without proper knowledge of lifted custom Jeeps, you can end up paying much more correcting the mistakes of the past auto shop.

Don’t go to custom auto shops or tire shops that don’t know what they are doing. Death Wobble and other common Jeep maladies may strike due to working with an inexperienced mechanic that doesn’t understand a Jeep’s unique suspension design and how to lift it properly. If you already own a lifted Jeep that drives poorly or has other issues, we can fix it.


Custom Jeep Liftcustom jeeps reno, truck accessories carson city

A custom Jeep lift takes experience and understanding. By going to an inexperienced custom auto shop you will end up paying for costly adjustments and fixes later.

TSA Custom Car & Truck is the go-to for custom Jeeps.

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