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Crawling the rocks: Selecting a Jeep suspension kit.

You’ve been taking your Jeep off-road more and more lately. You’re hooked and you’re ready to beef things up with a new Jeep suspension kit. TSA Custom Car & Truck carries a variety of brands that suit your needs. We selected a few things to keep in mind when looking for a lift suspension kit:

Usage: Consider the reasons why you want to add lift to your Jeep. Do you just want the height? Do you have dreams of forging through streams and crawling over rocks? Is the ability to maintain a fast speed important to you? The type of Jeep suspension kit you select will depend on your activities once it has been installed.

Tires: Perhaps you’ve seen this scenario: you’re driving down the road and you spot a vehicle that has been lifted but still has the standard factory tires on it. Maybe they were going for this look but we’re going to guess they aren’t. The amount of lift you choose, ranging from .75” to 6”, will change the size of your tires and wheels. It’s important to factor in the cost and maintenance when selecting your lift so neither your wallet or your Jeep will come up short.

Price: Speaking of money, it can be such a buzz kill, can’t it? We’re cognizant price can be a determining factor when selecting your Jeep lift suspension kit. As with many of our products, the price differs based on the year, make and model of your Jeep. As we mentioned before, how you plan to use your Jeep plays a determining role in your selection. For example, the more speed you want, the higher quality your suspension will need to be.

Whether you’re searching for a Jeep lift suspension kit to crawl rocks or you just want a little height, TSA’s staff is here to help you. With that in mind, tell us about your best off-roading experience so far this year.

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